Timothy Kurek is a man from Nashville who had been raised with a very strong and conservative religious upbringing, taught to try and convert muslims, athiests and all other religions to his faith. Above all, he thought that gays and lesbians were pretty much the ultimate sinners. That was until a female friend of his was, in his words “excommunicated from her life” when she came out. Now I’ve heard stories from lots of people as the fight for equality makes progress on how their minds were opened to the reality that we aren’t evil. Timothy did more than just accept his friend and show her tolerance that would have been hard to come by with his previous way of thinking.

Timothy decided to undertake an experiment and lived for a year as a gay man. First up, he came out as gay to his family and friends, then proceeded to go to gay clubs, cafes and immerse himself in the gay world. Of course he stopped short of sleeping with men. After all, he is still straight but he wanted to see how the label of “gay” changed the world’s perception of him and therefore adjust his perception of the LGBT world. I have to say I think that is an amazing effort to understand. His family didn’t know it was an experiment, no one did but him.

He is soon releasing a book about the year and his change in thinking. The book is called “Jesus in Drag” and you can watch a trailer for the book, below.