Some of you might recognise Curtis from his challenge winning self-portrait (centre, above) or the beautiful series of nude self-portraits he shared with us another time. Well, it’s now time to see if we can’t support Curtis and help get his first coffee table book published. “Three” tells Curtis’ life story, dealing with his abuse at the hands of three different adults as a child. The book uses imagery from three different series that Curtis has produced, Dwell, Master Pieces and No Higher Purpose.

If you go to Curtis’ Kickstarter page you can read a little more about the project and see that Curtis is giving back to everyone that donates some money towards his goal to get his book published. Curtis is a lovely guy who has been very generous in his support of Aussielicious with imagery and wonderful emails. So I’m passing that on and throwing it open to everyone that enjoys this blog, if you can, and are so inclined, let’s get Curtis published.

From his press release: “Using conversations, stories and fine art photography, Curtis encourages each of us to identify those key figures in our lives who keep us from fully experiencing compassion, joy and, most importantly, love. He shares how his own journey continues to evolve focusing on a life of service as he learns to see himself and the world through God’s eyes.”