In the last week, I’ve started thinking about a holiday for next year. In October next year I turn 40 so I feel like it’s only fair to have a big holiday to treat myself in the dying days of my 30’s. A few different options were floating around in my head but after a brief conversation with friends over coffee yesterday afternoon there is now a vague plan for a bunch of us to go to Burning Man 2013 and run around like lunatics in the desert. I’d LOVE to go back to Burning Man and provided they sort out the ticketing next year it would be a great way to celebrate a big birthday (a few weeks early). My plan after Burning Man, at this stage is to go to a clothing optional gay B&B in Hawaii that I found online and spend days exploring waterfalls, black sand nude beaches, lava flows and sitting naked in the sun around a pool.

It’s all very vague at the moment but that is what the plan is.

Welcome Home – A Burning Man Adventure 2011 from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.