A couple of years ago I noticed a shift. In years gone past when you looked around the locker room at the gym it had always been the gay boys who were doing the grooming downstairs, keeping things neat. Then the straight boys got a hold of the idea, finally realising that if they kept things less wild down there then their girlfriends might spend a bit more time there without worrying about extra flossing.

Now it seems things have evolved again. With the lines blurred between sexuality groups as far as style and grooming these days, we can’t define it so much as a gay or a straight thing. Now, to my unqualified but always looking eye the grooming seems to fall upon the shoulders of two groups, especially when you look around the blogs and tumblr.

First up we have the bod squad. Those guys that train so hard to look a certain way when they take their shirt off on holidays or on the dance floor. I’m not necessarily talking about those guys that just love to be fit but more about the ones doing it with a more vain edge to it. They seem to be getting rid of the hair to emphasise every muscle, vein and ripple and hell, why not if it’s popping their cookies.

The other ones I noticed tonight when I was finding images for this post. They are the guys that love to show off. They want to take their nudity and their exhibitionism to that ultimate level where there is no hiding what they have to offer. It’s quite possible that this demographic is over represented on photo blogs and tumblr because they are the ones that post their stuff online to be seen, but lots of them have whipped off any trace of hair.