This weekend in most of Australia is a long weekend so a mate or two and I were planning on escaping the city and going camping again. We were going to go to the clothing optional place we usually go to even though it’s officially winter. We might not have had much nude time but it’s a beautiful spot and they do have a heated pool and spa up in the main complex.

Sadly it’s predicted to be quite a wet rainy weekend and in that area, a couple of hours south west of Sydney, there is even a chance of snow this weekend which is very rare (and still unlikely). Camping is fine in the cold, you just stoke the camp fire and wear warm clothes but when you add a lot of rain to the mix, there’s no real fun in that for me.

We’ve had several aborted camping trips planned in the last 18 months or so due to rain. Thankfully we are apparently moving into the El Nino weather pattern which means this summer should be nice and hot and dry. Plenty of time naked in the sunshine for me!