Last week’s video of a body painted Francois Sagat got mostly favourable reviews in the comments but one comment struck me in particular. “I love Francois but just imagine if those moves were done by a fat man. Our opinions might be very different then.” Well of course they would. Unless of course, like some people you are attracted to larger men.

I’m not having a go at the commenter here at all, but this kind of thinking feels dangerous to me. Is good old fashioned porn and perving going to be hit with the political correctness stick now too? It’s already happening in schools that instead of rewarding hard work and celebrating achievements we are now so afraid of our kid’s feelings being hurt that we give a ribbon to every child who runs the race so that they feel good.

I recently posted about having a moment of envy while at a friend’s wedding. Would I ask her not to get married because I am not allowed to be married, or because I’m single? No. I loved seeing her on her big day.

Are we not allowed to say someone is hot or gorgeous or enjoy their physical attributes even when they are put out there on display, for fear of making someone in less great shape feel inadequate? I say bollocks to that. Find something to celebrate in everyone but let’s not fear celebrating something because someone can’t celebrate it.

Should Francois not be celebrated because he’s a hot muscley short man, just because a hot tall guy finds it harder to look as buff due to his height? No.

In my humble opinion, thrown onto the internet to be read by those who stumble across it, celebrate and lust after whatever tickles your fancy, just don’t deride or insult whatever leaves your fancy un-tickled.