A guy I’ve known for some time seems to have chronic issues with being stood up when he asks guys out on dates. Apparently four different guys stood him up for coffee dates on the last weekend alone. He tells me he’s been asking them all out, none of them are asking him out. He’s come up with a plan and is handing responsibility over to people that know him.

This friend is a personal trainer and this afternoon he posted on his wall that he will give a free personal training session to anyone that hooks him up with a successful date, 6 months of PT sessions if that date progresses to solid boyfriend status and ongoing training if they fall in love and move in together.

Now that is a seriously good deal if you happen to introduce him to someone and it goes really well and lasts for some time. You could be the fittest match maker going around. But has dating seriously come to the point that we have to auction off our talents to be set up with friends? Sydney does feel at times like a town full of guys wanting the next hook up and nothing more and it’s a notoriously tough city to make good friends and connections so it does seem hard to meet people. God knows I’m living proof that even getting a date isn’t easy, surviving the date with your sense of humour intact is harder again and taking that date and turning it into a relationship is nigh on impossible.

It seems like my next logical step is to figure out what I can offer people in a way that I can whore myself out as a quality date option without feeling like I’m selling out.