This morning I had an interesting exchange with a guy on dudesnude. He’s messaged me a couple of times before over the last 6 months or so mentioning a photo shoot. This morning his opening was “I really want some photos”. That was it. There wasn’t even any asking. Just a statement, no politeness or anything. Now he has mentioned it before but with months in between. Forgive me, but if someone approaches me for a photo shoot for hook up site photos and then doesn’t get in touch, I’m not chasing them. It’s not going to do anything for my portfolio and they made the approach.

So I said “Is that your way of asking?”. His response “Pathetic psychopath you are”. So I replied asking if I was meant to be thrilled that he wants new photos and chase him to organise it because it’s an honour to photograph him and just to confirm that he wanted me to be so excited at the prospect that I would do it for free. He offered up the very kind response “My advise to you, Check yourself into a PSYCHO WARD”.

I really think I’ve missed out on an awesome opportunity there. It would have been such a pleasant experience I’m sure. His profile actually says “where are all the good photographers when you need one.” I wonder why he’s having trouble finding someone to photograph him?