A friend forwarded me an article on Gym etiquette as a follow up to a conversation we’d had the previous night over dinner. Most of the points I totally agree with. Anyone that doesn’t realise they stink, in the gym, on the bus or in the office needs to be told, delicately. People grunting as if they are bench pressing a car is very off putting especially if they are barely lifting the weight of a can of drink.

The line from the article that I do have an issue with is “waving your bits around in the locker room with no regard to other gym goers personal space.” Sure, if anyone is actually waving their junk around like a pole dancing stripper in a gentlemen’s club then that may need to be addressed but I’ve increasingly heard people getting upset and annoyed with “all the nude guys” in the gym locker room. Very few places are more specifically designed to be be suitable location for nudity. It’s sole purpose is a safe place for people to get undressed, showered and dressed again which to me seems to almost require nudity. I personally don’t shower with my clothes on, it makes my gym bag so much heavier if I do.

I really think people need to be exposed to MORE non-sexual nudity than less and they might start to realise it’s no big deal if someone sees those particular areas of your body. Years ago men used to swim and even work out nude at YMCA’s across the U.S. Now people are taking up contortion to get undressed and redressed in a shower cubicle or gymnastics to put their underwear on under a towel.