In what has to be one of Kylie’s best marketing strategies, Time Bomb has just been launched. At 4pm Australian time which is some ungodly hour of the morning in the UK, the twittering started. At that time, the hashtag #kylietimebomb was to be tweeted and when it got to 25,00o tweets the video was going to be launched. Well that happened in 43 minutes. If you were on the page the twitter feed was moving way too fast for anyone to read and it was quite something to see.

Well I was just walking in to the Surgeon’s office when it happened and I couldn’t watch it on my phone but I’ve just walked in the apartment and after a slight panic because Kylie’s youtube page hasn’t allowed it to be viewed in Australia (wtf?) I got to watch it on the Warner Bros Music youtube page. I love the song and the video is very London and Kylie cool. I love it. Kylie seems to be rocking tiny denim shorts for K25 and looking good doing it.