As a photographer I very rarely shoot full frontal photos of guys even though I shoot nudes the vast majority of the time. I find it a bit distracting in a photo if the photo is not specifically about the hotness and the nakedness of the guy. Having said that, I’m keen to submit photos to Dylan Rosser’s site The Male Form, but I know from experience and from talking to other photographers that finding models willing to pose for full frontal photos is not an easy task.

Even a model I’ve shot recently, who is about to try his hand at the porn industry when he moves to the UK, said he would never do porn here. Why? Is it because Sydney is ultimately relatively small and the gay scene is fairly incestuous? Who knows. I do know that there seems to be no problem finding very very hot guys to pose in the UK and the US. Perhaps it’s just sheer numbers and statistically it’s the same percentage.

So I’m putting a call out, if you, or anyone you know is hot, fit (and possibly hung like a horse) and willing to pose full frontal for me, give me a shout. For practicality purposes I need guys in Sydney, unless someone is going to pay my way to shoot them internationally.