This morning I was served up a fresh plate of combination win and fail seasoned with compliments and a dash of rejection.

In recent weeks there’s been a new face at the gym of a morning and damn if I don’t find him very appealing. On Thursday last week he was in the change room at the same time as me and, also like me, not shy in there about being nude and getting changed. There’s no gymnastics under the towel with this guy and nor should there be. Let’s just say it was a pleasurable sight to behold.

Today he was there again, but this time we said hi and as he came out of the shower, again towel in hand, hiding nothing, he was a little more than flaccid. He kept looking at me and he kept getting less flaccid. Other people came in so he put it away, and I wasn’t going to do anything about it there anyway. We started chatting, introducing ourselves and I, over come with a sudden burst of bravery, gave him my business card and said to call me as I walked out.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later and a text message comes in, full of compliments but with the passion killer news of a boyfriend of ten years. Oh well. I’ll take the compliment at face value and enjoy the view.

Now, who is up for a real date?