On Friday night, I had one of my fairly common nights on the lounge watching a DVD. I decided I’d rediscover Fight Club as I hadn’t watched it in quite a while. I’d forgotten just how astonishingly hot Brad Pitt was in that movie. He was in ridiculous physical shape with a level of body fat that would make the average catwalk model jealous, but it was all sculpted, hard muscle. Not bulk. No, there wasn’t much to him but what was there was ripped as all hell.

The whole movie is about doing what you want without conforming to marketing or social rules and I like that message but it kinda showed a version of that that went way too far. I doubt that anyone was really advocating terrorist attacks. Brad’s second-hand store wardrobe in the movie was very cool but you’d have to be pretty confident in yourself to wear most of it. I highly approve of the wardrobe department’s decision, or Brad’s decision for him to never be wearing underwear in the movie and for all his trousers to be riding quite low. Definitely a good look.

I think this was when Brad was at his hottest (2000) and since then, sure, he’s approaching 50 but in my humble opinion, Angelina has sucked the life out of him. I’m sure he’s happy and loves being a dad to a child army but his hotness has been weathered by a lack of sleep.