A friend on facebook and a long time reader of my blog today emailed me with a question that I have to admit, left me a bit disappointed. He saw that a guy I have not long ago photographed for my exhibition is friends with an aspiring Aussie porn star who has headed to the U.S. with his boyfriend to see how he goes in the business. The email was even called “The company one keeps” in the subject line, essentially throwing judgement on my model purely because his friend is a porn star. The email then went on to ask if I’d ever shoot someone that had done porn.

Guess what? I’ve photographed guys DOING porn. That’s right, balls deep inside each other with my lens capturing the action. I’ve also taken photos for a friend to help him get into the porn industry. He’s gone on to do a few films but only dabbles from time to time now when his exhibitionist tendencies need satisfying. I’ve also photographed the gorgeous man above, now filming for Lucas Entertainment under the name Tate Ryder.

The inference of the email was that there should still be some kind of shame involved in even knowing a porn star. I know for a fact that the person who wrote the email watches porn. How on earth can you get stimulation from porn, watch porn, get hard over porn and still think of the people providing you with that intimate entertainment as lesser people because of their choice to do so. The person that sent the email has also taken nude photos of themselves and shared them with me, which may not officially be porn and may not be paid work, but it’s still a naked image of yourself.

It’s disappointing that in this day and age where we are still fighting for equality and civil rights that we can so easily turn around and hypocritically judge others.