The three seasons of Spartacus so far have brought plenty of stylised violence and bloodshed but they’ve also brought us plenty of eye candy. None of the three lead actors have gone full frontal, Andy Whitfield in Season 1, Dustin Clare in Season 2 nor Liam McIntyre in Season 3, but there have been plenty of naked men and cocks to admire. From my limited knowledge I understand the ease of nudity and freedom of sexuality is pretty accurate of the time but I’m not sure about the swearing. Nor am I sure that gladiators would have had such white straight teeth or been so vigilant in their grooming habits of the nether regions. Neither am I complaining about.

In the images above we have Craig Parker who played Claudius Glabor on the left, Manu Bennett who plays Crixus, Mike Edwards who played a brief but very endowed role, and Dustin Clare who played Gannicus. Spartacus’ character did go full frontal in the first series but given that the shot was from a distance, bodypainted gold and wearing a mask, I’m pretty skeptical that it was actually Andy Whitfield.