Yesterday I took myself off to the Sauna (bathouse) to try and kick start my libido and sex life. Since the injury in February I’ve been feeling evn less sexy than I was when I was just out of shape.

Granted, a Sunday afternoon wasn’t probably the best time to go but in years gone by I’ve had some success at that time, but yesterday I was only half in the mood to start with and then, as tends to happen in those venues, what I was in the mood for and what was in the mood for me didn’t really seem to align. I had a little fun, but essentially I paid $23 for the privilege of having other people present while I did the same thing I usually do. Wank.

Sure I got to have a bit of a sit in the steam room, sauna, spa and porn lounge. Ultimately though there wasn’t anyone there that I really felt like doing the deed with and there were several looking at me with the same disinterest so it was all even. There was a slightly unnerving moment. I’ve been recognised a couple of years ago at the same venue by a couple of blog readers but never had someone quite loudly proclaim as I’m walking in to the steam room with a hand full of lube for a wank “I read your blog. I really like it!” Thankfully he was a nice guy and we said hi, shook (non lube) hands and kept moving.

All in all it reminded me why I don’t bother with Sex On Premises Venues. I think in reality I want much more than just a quick anonymous shag.