As you may or may not know, my 2nd photography exhibition was supposed to be in June of this year, but I had to postpone it as I wasn’t going to be able to get everything photographed in time to get them printed and framed after I injured my arms. Now that I’m back up and shooting again I’ve been in touch with the gallery and booked the space. As expected they are booked out for the rest of this year. Today I booked the space to coincide with the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival in the second half of February next year.

This also means that I have lots of time to finish shooting and get the exhibition exactly how I want it with images I’m truly happy with rather than feeling rushed. I’m working on the theory that third time’s a charm with this booking as I’d already postponed the exhibition once because I hadn’t solidified the concept.

As you can see, the theme for this exhibition is Freedom. It’s quite different to the last exhibition in it’s execution and the feeling. This one is much more positive and hopeful than the last one which was exploring all my hangups about not being good enough.