Every year there is an even in New York that I would love to see. It’s called Broadway Bares and it’s put on by Broadway Cares, to raise money for HIV and AIDS. There are two shows on the same night every year and I hear that the midnight show is a little more revealing than the 9.30pm version. This year’s event is on June 17 and is called Happy Endings and from what I can see has a fairy tale theme.

Someone here in Sydney claimed to have permission from Broadway Cares to stage a Sydney version, but after I emailed Broadway Cares to validate that claim, like most things he’s told me, with a bit of research, sadly it all seems to be a big fat lie which is a shame as I think it would be great to have an event like this in Sydney. I’m not sure why people tell lies like that. This guy has made some of the most outrageous claims and with the internet being full of information it’s been quite easy to debunk most of them.

Back to Broadway, these shows are full of beautiful men and women, singing and dancing and showing a lot of toned flesh. They’ve also had some stunning aerial routines in recent years. This year it will be the 22nd time it’s been staged. If you can get tickets, I would love to hear what you think.