A little over a month ago I was a little fed up with a couple of people that regularly comment on the blog and are pretty much constantly miserable and negative. I understand that it’s easy to let the things that piss you off get to you so I put out a call for 15 second snippets of video footage from readers of things that make them happy or make them smile. I received exactly 5 videos.

Does that mean that there are only five of my readers that have something in their life that makes them smile or be happy? I understand that video is a bigger ask than a photo to submit but it’s a little scary that so few people were motivated to find something that makes them happy. As a result I don’t have the footage I needed to compile a video that I was hoping would bring a lot of smiles to a lot of people so I’ve scrapped the idea of a reader submission based video and I’ll work on getting footage of things that make me happy instead. It’s a shame as I was really hoping for a global view of happiness.