When you ask three friends to model for you nude there is always a chance that things could go horribly wrong in a sea of awkwardness. Thankfully yesterday, that didn’t happen. One of the three had been nervous about, and excited to do it, for months. We were initially supposed to do this shoot the weekend after I hurt myself so obviously it had been postponed. Ten weeks or so later, we finally made the trek.

I picked up the first model at 6.15 am on Sunday morning, followed shortly by model number two. Then it was a bit of a cross-town trip to pick up model number three. The trip to the location was a mix of nerves and sleep deprivation as one of the models had only got home at 4am.

The waterhole was more beautiful than I remembered but the water was cold. The models set about doing pushups and crunches etc to appease their own sense of vanity and not any expectations that I had put on them. I shoot beautiful guys, I don’t demand perfection. Forty-five minutes later, the guys were used to being nude in front of each other and quite enjoying the freedom of the shoot. Strange that. The title of the exhibition is “Freedom”. Must have got this one right.

The image above is one I like but it’s not a contender for the exhibition.