The Commando has been a regular on Australian tv screens for a few years now as a trainer on the Australian production of The Biggest Loser. While this years’ contestants have reportedly been a good 5-10% behind previous years in terms of weight loss, the commando has been a very nice distraction from all the crying.

Commando Steve is a big tough military guy, formerly of the Aussie Special Forces Counter Terrorism Team. In the show he’s always yelling at his contestants and giving a good serve of tough love, which he could serve up to me any time he likes. My flatmate and I were discussing last night that he could play a superhero without any drama. He’s got the body, the beautiful blue eyes, the jawline and the deep sexy voice.

The funny thing about Commando Steve is that he’s all tough and butch on the show, but you see him on the beach with his wife and kids and he’s there all wet and sexy but a big softy while he plays in the sand building castles with his little kids. It only makes him more bloody attractive.