Is there something about repeatedly throwing yourself off a structure 10 metres above the water that makes you hot? It’s come to my attention, and the attention of other people that there are some very hot divers going around.

Left to right in the photo above we have Chris Mears and Tom Daley, both diving for Britain. Tom is only 17 so I feel a little creepy admiring him so I’ll focus on the others. In the middle is Matthew Mitcham our home grown golden beautiful boy. Matthew is on track to have a good Olympics in London in a few months time. He recently got perfect 10’s for a dive in Olympic selection competition in Adelaide. On the right of Matthew is Alexandre Despatie from Quebec who has been looking hot all over pools for several years now. On the far right is the famous, retired Olympic champion Greg Louganis who was such an amazing diver in his time and who came out shortly after finishing competition.

If anyone has any more suggestions on hot divers, feel free to send them through. I’ve seen plenty on tv during competitions but I don’t know who they are.

I used to want to try diving as a kid but there were no pools with diving towers where I grew up. I’m beginning to think that if I’d thrown myself towards the water from a great height on many occasions I might be in better shape, but given my talent for injury I doubt it.