It is important when dressing to present yourself to the world that you make the most of your assets, whatever they may be. Keeping this in mind, yes baby-gays skinny jeans are in and look quite good, but like most fashion trends only when taken to the extreme. If one’s testicles are not doing a splendid impersonation of a moose knuckle one must throw one’s jeans in the dryer or buy a smaller size. Everyone knows that gross disfigurement of one’s genitalia is a desirable trait when looking for a mate.

By all means, when one has found the perfect pair of uber-skinny jeans it only makes them more attractive by adding a few finishing touches like a wallet, keys, phone and cigarette packet. You’ll never wonder where you put things again. Like a snake that swallowed a small pig, your belongings will be in plain sight even in your jeans, just like your testicles.

If one chooses to wear one’s skinny jeans under the butt cheeks as very cool and important youths are want to do, the answer is yes, of COURSE it adds to the attraction that you have to walk like a duck or an old cowboy to keep your pants from falling down. Not only does the altitude of your waist band signal availability, but your bow legged walk also provides easy access. It’s win win!