Over the years that I’ve been blogging I’ve been asked what my type is, I’ve talked about what my type(s) is/are and been criticised for being shallow. I’ve never once denied being attracted to beautiful people. Apparently being attracted to beautiful things is a fairly typical Libran trait but I argue that it’s a human trait. Why would you want to look at something ugly?

As for men, I have no expectations of physical perfection or beauty but there is one thing that is a must. A guy has to have a good smile. A good smile to me is one that involves the whole face and is just pure and genuine. I’ve met some beautiful guys whose smile looks practiced and fake, and I’ve met some guys that wouldn’t catch your eye until they smile and BAM you fall over yourself to see it again and again.

Today on instagram I had a new follower (I’m @aussiebrenton by the way) and out of curiosity I went to see his photos to see if I would follow his posts as well. My god, the man’s smile is disarmingly beautiful. I’m hooked. Let the facebook stalking begin.