When I travelled to the U.S. last year for 3 weeks to tick off a few big items on my to-do list, that meant going to Vegas. Apparently everyone has a wild time in Vegas. I didn’t. I absolutely loved both of the Cirque Du Soleil shows that I went there specifically to see, and I loved the beautiful Qua Spa at the Bellagio. Relaxing in their beautiful baths and steam rooms etc was a blissful escape from the insanity out on the streets. I ask you, is it really necessary to be able to gamble in a 7-Eleven?

I will concede that if you went to Vegas with friends for a party weekend or something then it’s probably the perfect city but going there alone and not knowing anyone or knowing the cool spots to go made it hard for me. The guy from Sydney that brought you the amazing Burning Man video has also done a quick timelapse of Vegas from his hotel room.