Last night I went to the wedding of my favourite work colleague. She looked radiant, her husband got teary when she arrived, there was great dancing, good speeches and all those other things that make a really fun and lovely wedding. I was officially the only gay in the room although there was one guy the bride told me they were all suspect about but sadly it wasn’t any of the guys I wanted it to be.

Weddings for me are a double edged sword. As a total romantic I enjoy all the love in the room, the smiles, the laughs and the commitment to each other. As a gay man denied the right to get married it really drives it home that my government treats me like a second class citizen. I’m yet to hear a valid reason to deny marriage equality. Some say gay people are too promiscuous but it we are pledging commitment to each other isn’t that going against the promiscuous image? Straight people have been cheating on their husbands and wives for centuries. The argument that marriage is to have children doesn’t really stack up either with people in their 70’s getting married being celebrated but they surely aren’t procreating.

With a majority of Australians supporting gay marriage and a vast majority accepting that it’s inevitable, why are we still waiting? Our Federal opposition leader has a gay sister who he loves and accepts her partner, but purely for selfish religious reasons and political manouvering, he refuses to budge, even to give his sister the equality she is entitled to.