Once again I have five submissions from readers in the Repetition Challenge!. It’s nice to see photos coming in from and taken in all corners of the world! You have 3 more weeks to get your entries in to me. Please only submit one photo each!

Jack has sent this beautiful silhouette of some bare tree brances. I’m not sure where this is but it almost looks like it could be cherry blossoms to me about to burst into life.

Dennis took this shot of some stars that I’m guessing are part of some signage on the side of a building.

Another building shot here from Jimmy with the glass panels on the side of the Federal Building in San Francisco.

Bobby has sent in a building shot too, this one of a new garage in SOBE. Miami.

Last up for tonight is a shot taken by Rob who had the good fortune to be walking the streets of Bucharest and saw this row of brightly coloured bikes!