Yesterday, submissions closed for a Senate Inquiry into a Marriage Equality Bill that has been entered in the Australian Senate. I’m proud to say that there were 45,000 submissions of SUPPORT from people of all walks of life in Australia including religious leaders, welfare workers, straight couples and thousands of regular people like you and me. It’s one of the highest number of submissions tendered into a senate inquiry in Australia and this is a very hot topic in Australian politics. Leaders of both our major parties, while opposing reform have also admitted it is inevitable.

This video made a huge impact late last year, helping convince the current ruling party here to change it’s party policy to support marriage equality even though our Prime Minister is against it. It still makes me smile and cry because it represents everything I want. I want to fall in love, introduce someone amazing to my wonderful family and to one day get down on bended knee and propose to the man I love, ready to be there for each other until we are old.