Something newcomers to the nude beach environment will notice is that there are people there of every shape and size which is a very good thing. However, when one sees someone one knows at the nude beach it potentially creates a scenario when one or both parties can be uncomfortable.

How to handle the situation if you do see someone you know? If the person you know is in better shape than ones self, simple, avoid them at all costs, especially if one has let oneself go since the last time the two of you saw each other. Why on earth would one want them to be able to think that one has gone to seed?

If on the other hand the other person is the one to have let themselves go, of course it’s perfectly acceptable to stride confidently towards them and say hello. If one can’t make the most of feeling fabulous then what is the point of all those hours in the gym and calorie counting?

One last piece of nude beach etiquette. If one’s pubic hair has completely consumed one’s genitals, it’s time for a trim.