Last night, I found myself in a situation I knew I was going to find myself in but refused to admit it. A few months ago I met a guy that I thought was really nice. We’ve caught up for coffees and brunches and drinks etc. I’ve gone to his house for a couple of dinner parties and I took him to see a show at the opera house.

There was some flirting and even a kiss, but I was never entirely sure of where I stood because of a recent break up he’d had. Now, before I go on, I wasn’t falling in love with the guy or anything like that but I was quite keen to go on some real dates and see what might happen. What I wasn’t aware of was that he was still holding out hope that he and the ex might resolve things and that hope was only finally and completely quashed at Mardi Gras which was less than two weeks ago.

So is it just bad timing? I guess I’ll never know. He knows I’d be up for some dates and I kinda think he would be if the timing was different, but while he hasn’t really given any indication he’s not interested, he hasn’t been overly flirtatious either. In all honesty, apart from a kiss that was instigated by me and definitely reciprocated, I could just be misreading things. I don’t want to go back to my old desperate ways, but after having my first ever real relationship last year, I liked how it felt and the naturalness of it all.

This guy and I will no doubt still catch up but I’ll know where I stand from here on in. Friends it is. I hate being allocated to the Friendzone. We all know that once you are in the Friendzone, it’s very hard to move from there into the romance zone.