Would you?

With people leading more and more busy lives all the time it’s no surprise that there are a growing number of people that are single and not happy about it. Yes, I’m putting my hand up too. Grindr, Manhunt, Dudesnude etc are all very popular but 99% of users are looking for a more quick fix to their urges than a dating scenario. So what if you aren’t? What if you want romance?

There’s a relatively new player to the introduction scene here in Sydney. Beau Brummell Introductions is specifically geared towards professional gay men. Now I haven’t signed up. I’m not in a position financially to be throwing money at my singledom issues, so I have no idea what they are like but I’m not sure how I feel about dating agencies in general. Can they really find someone for you/me?

The sceptic in me thinks that lots of guys will just lie about what they really want, listing long walks on the beach, romantic dinners and cuddles after sex, when really they want walks of shame, a snack on the walk home and nothing more than a shower and to hustle you out the door after sex. I could be very wrong. I hope I am because while I don’t want overly clichéd dating experiences I am a romantic at heart.

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  1. 1 Randy

    Hi Brenton. In July 2007 my partner of 27 years died of a sudden heart attack. The next 18 months were the saddest times of my life. In January 2009 I met Charlie on MATCH.COM. He was the third person I met for brunch. The first two guys were nice but we didn’t connect. Well, that was it; he and I became a couple within a month. I was not looking for a long term relationship but that is what happened. I know I am lucky to have met him via MATCH.COM. Good luck, don’t give up. Randy

  2. 2 Will

    I think there’s another dimension to consider; many people may use a dating service and whilst they don’t lie about their intentions and say they want to be in a relationship, they are really not prepared or open for a relationship – they have a romantic ideal of what a relationship is and want all the good stuff but are ultimately too selfish to handle the compromise and giving of oneself that is required to make a real relationship work. It’s not all walks on the beach and snuggles on the sofa – it’s arguments and domestic crap and finances and difficult decision making; but if you can get through that, the good stuff becomes great! I’m about to celebrate 9 years with my boy who I met on a crowded dance floor at a gay dance party. Relationships like anything else with true value do not come gift wrapped or happen over night.

  3. 3 Todd

    Totally agree with Will. It’s fine to have those romantic ideals, but actual living breathing relationships aren’t like that most days of the year. And I’m soon to celebrate 9 years with Pete, after meeting thru Gaydar with no intentions beyond that night.

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