This world we live in is becoming increasingly negative, or so it feels at times. Internet Trolls are making people’s lives hell, more and more kids are being bullied and financial stress is wearing a lot of people down. I’m challenging all of you, my lovely readers to find the happy in your days, your nights or the little things that might pass you by.

As of right now I’m starting the Aussielicious Happy Project. I want anyone who wants to take part, to send in a video of something that makes you happy. I’m going to take all the clips that people send me and edit them together to make one big happy video! It doesn’t have to be great quality and there is a challenge. I won’t accept any videos longer than 15 seconds. That’s right, I want you to capture happiness in under 15 seconds. Obviously I won’t accept anything pornographic either.

So think about what makes you happy. Is it your family? A child laughing? Sunshine on your skin? Good food? Playing in fallen autumn leaves? Whatever it is, record it. Email your clips to me by the end of April and let’s see if we can’t make one darned happy video! Send your clips to