When it doesn’t add up

This afternoon I had a really nice afternoon at a very laid back lunch in the sunshine at some friends’ place. It was just four of us in total, a lovely lesbian couple from my circus school and another friend of theirs. One of the girls had implied in a text message that I might like the guy that was coming but it wasn’t a deliberate set-up or blind date of any kind, which was just as well.

He was a really nice guy and the conversation was really easy all afternoon, but even though we got on quite well and he was quite a sexy guy, our lives are very different and our ideas of a good time would probably not align.

It is very nice though when people you know introduce you to new and interesting people with or without the intention of setting you up. As I get older I think I’m getting more open minded about making sure I meet varying kinds of people. Hell, even if you don’t like them it usually makes for an interesting afternoon.

3 Responses to “When it doesn’t add up”

  1. 1 BosGuy

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Why wouldn’t someone be open to meeting another person? People constantly surprise me (that’s not always a negative BTW) and none of us are so blessed with so many friends that we couldn’t spare time to have a coffee or drink with someone we don’t know; esp when they are a friend of a friend.

  2. 2 Buddy Bear

    “Would probably not align”…. I wouldn’t make a snap judgement on this! Some difference is a good thing. One day, you may end up with a sort of guy who is quite different than what you would have planned on.

  3. 3 Bruce Wayne

    Interestingly, a similar thing has happened to me…after leaving CA, moving to the middle-of-nowhere in AZ, and meeting NO one, Being with no one for the last 7 years, I have met a guy! Though he is 23 years younger, and I have No reason to think that this will be anything but friendship…it Is at least another live person to interact with!
    While we live…we breathe. Each breath, a heartbeat, a hope to share–another heartbeat, another breath…another life.

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