Anyone that has read this blog for a while knows that I haven’t had much luck appreciating my body over the years. Now that I’m injured and I’m not allowed to work out in the gym for 6 months after the surgery (5 months and 5 days to go by my count) I feel like I’ve been condemned to live in a run down building that happens to be heritage listed. Things aren’t working properly, other things cause me pain, many things are annoying but I’m not allowed to renovate at all.

At this stage I’m allowed to walk and use a stationary bike. Walking I can do and have been doing a fair bit of. A work colleague lives a half hour walk away so I’ll be walking to her place and she is being lovely enough to give me a ride to and from work each day. Once I can drive again (2 weeks and 4 days away) I’ll start going back to the gym to do abs and cardio so that I don’t lose that routine entirely.

I’ve never been very disciplined with working out, but now that I’d found a new training partner I was really enjoying pushing myself at the gym and working hard and felt like I was making some gains. Unless good progress on the healing process speeds things up, officially it’s still going to be late August before I work out properly at the gym.