Fighting frustration

Anyone that has read this blog for a while knows that I haven’t had much luck appreciating my body over the years. Now that I’m injured and I’m not allowed to work out in the gym for 6 months after the surgery (5 months and 5 days to go by my count) I feel like I’ve been condemned to live in a run down building that happens to be heritage listed. Things aren’t working properly, other things cause me pain, many things are annoying but I’m not allowed to renovate at all.

At this stage I’m allowed to walk and use a stationary bike. Walking I can do and have been doing a fair bit of. A work colleague lives a half hour walk away so I’ll be walking to her place and she is being lovely enough to give me a ride to and from work each day. Once I can drive again (2 weeks and 4 days away) I’ll start going back to the gym to do abs and cardio so that I don’t lose that routine entirely.

I’ve never been very disciplined with working out, but now that I’d found a new training partner I was really enjoying pushing myself at the gym and working hard and felt like I was making some gains. Unless good progress on the healing process speeds things up, officially it’s still going to be late August before I work out properly at the gym.

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  1. 1 Sean in Vancouver

    Keep positive!

    That is a great picture of you, BTW!

    You need time to look after you….Just promise us that you will NOT go Jason Russell on us…Unless you want to :-)

  2. 2 Flyingwombat

    Never found anything that good on the waterline on any beach near here!

  3. 3 Mark

    Hi Brenton,
    I did my Achilles tendon 2 years ago now. I had surgery, back slab, crutches. At least you can walk! You should try hopping around on 1 leg for a while non weight bearing on 1 leg. EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING is so difficult to do. Dressing, toileting showering, brushing teeth, preparing a simple meal. I’m a nurse and it was a huge wake up to me. You should try making a bed on 1 leg with a cast on. It ain’t easy. A friend of mine also had shoulder surgery at the same time as me having he Achilles. She is fine now and you will be too like me…it will take a bit of time but you can do it. I’ve discovered a new lease on life after that.
    Good luck.

  4. 4 Sue

    I say, put on some iTunes and ride the shit out of that stationary bike! Think of how big you could make your thighs and ass on that thing! All ready to get back on your unicycle when you are well again! It must be difficult to keep your spirits up while recovering, but time heals all wounds, so don’t give up hope. You are quite young yet, with a long road to travel.

  5. 5 David Asset

    First, Brenton, you look fabulous in that photo! Very, very hot and sexy. Second, you have to remember that resting and healing is an essential part of building your body, even when you’re in 100% top form. Give it time, your body will heal and the added rest will help you build again. Stay well!

  6. 6 Richie

    What a great picture!

    I am only repeating what everyone else has said, but you need to repair properly. I am pretty sure you were happy with your arms anyway, and the ‘problem areas’ (your words I think) can still be worked? Work on your thighs and butt on the bike, shape those abs and work your core; carefully!! And then get back on to your arms in August.
    Take care!

  7. 7 Marc

    Love that photo. I’ve never seen it. Brenton you are well fit, your body is yours and no one else’s. I’m sure people have been telling you for decades that there’s nothing wrong with you, but if it hasn’t sunk in by now it won’t do much good for me to tell you either. Strive for health, rehabilitation, or for being able to do something with your body. The point of having muscles and fitness is to be able to achieve something athletic, if you’re doing it just to look good then it’s a waste. It’s not bad to have goals, but consider the reason for those goals. I support you as your friend, but as a friend I will also tell you when you’re a twat :D *hug*

  8. 8 Peter

    Be positive in everything you do. There are people who are worse off and they don’t complain, so why should you.

    We have to go with what is given to us, now you’re counting the days till you’re be able to do all those things again. And knowing you… you’ll over do it instantly!

  9. 9 Martin

    Have you asked you doctor about water exercising? Just moving your arms in the water or in a gentle surf might help you to keep them toned while your muscles heal. As a former half-marathoner, water walking was often the prescription for keeping my legs in shape when I had injured them through running.

    Nice to see the photo of you in the surf. Tomorrow is the first day of spring here in Vancouver Canada. We had snow this morning. Is this what global warming is all about?

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