This year has been a big one for Kylie fans here in Australia. She has received rave reviews for her 20 minute set for the Mardi Gras party a couple of weeks ago and the surprise announcement of her Anti Tour kicking off in the next week has those of us that are going a little giddy with excitement. The Anti Tour is going to be fantastic, a stripped back and intimate exploration of her rare tracks, b-sides and songs that were demo’d but not released. A real treat for those of us that have been fans for her entire 25 year career.

I missed out on the Mardi Gras experience due to my injury and nearly missed out on tickets to the Anti Tour due to my parents lacklustre internet, but a friend bought me a ticket and I’m so excited it hurts. The K25 album is due to come out later in the year with acoustic and orchestral reworkings of her back catalogue, recorded at Abby Road Studios. It’s a Kylie filled year of delicious goodness.