A recent re-discovery for me on television is the BBC show “Last Man Standing” where athletes from the UK and USA are selected with various strengths and specialities to visit wildly different parts of the world to compete in traditional sports and competitions that really test their strength and agility and mental capabilities. I remember seeing a video a few years ago of contestants in a different series jumping into icy cold water in Norway or somewhere.

The episode I watched on Friday night was in Africa where they took part in a wrestling competition. I really liked looking at the hugely muscular Wolé but he got a bit cocky because of his immense strength so it was a bit satisfying to see him get thrown to the ground a couple of times. Some of the sports that have been around for centuries in these isolated parts of the world make our padded footballers and sportsmen look rather wimpy, not that I’d ever have the balls to say that to their faces.