The online world of “dating” or hooking up, not with 100% more frustration with the advent of Grindr etc, has created some astonishing levels of douchery and wankery, or maybe it’s just made it more public and accessible. The image above was posted on facebook by a friend who had screen captured it from Grindr. Let’s break this guy’s profile down.

He’s in a “strict monogamous relationship”, yet on Grindr. I know some people use it to make friends, but ultimately 99.99% of people are on it to get off so it’s an odd avenue to take to make friends. “I block everyone”. That one should make meeting people and making friends rather interesting shouldn’t it. You send a cheery hello only to vanish into the abyss of his ever expanding and all encompassing twattery.

Even if he’s looking for compliments on his oh so moody and sexy pic of his abs bursting still managing to be shown on what looks like a cold and blustery day, does he read the compliments before he blocks the user?

The simple yet arrogant profile makes me question human nature so much. It just baffles me.