This video has exploded world wide in the past 48-60 hours to the point where it was aired in it’s entirety on Australian television last night without advertisements. Joseph Kony is number one on the international most wanted list for his horrendous war crimes over the past 20 years. Yes, 20 years. He’s been stealing children in Uganda and now across other parts of Africa and forcing the girls into sex slavery and the boys into his army. Why? For no other reason than to feed his greed and power. The army doesn’t fight for a cause, it just fights. He forces the boys to kill those that protest against their sentence.

The organisation behind this documentary, Invisible Children, is coming under fire for their methods and for the amount of money raised that actually gets to those in need. They are also under scrutiny because they work with some of the African armies who are also allegedly a bit dubious when it comes to their human rights record.

Whatever the methods of Invisible Children (who have responded to their criticisms) I have to wholeheartedly agree with their campaign to bring this issue to the international conscience. With 38+ MILLION views in a few days, they have certainly done that. Their aim is that with international pressure, governments will commit to finding Kony and ending this reign of terror.