It seems that people around the world have twigged to the fact that the Roksilde Music Festival in Europe gets lots of publicity every year from it’s running race of nude festival-goers and the photos of them go around the world in about two seconds. Here in Australia a few weeks ago the Meredith Music Festival had their own nude race. These photos seem to feature the guys more than the girls but we don’t mind.

Sydney, it seems is finally catching up in the nude event arena as well. In a few weeks time the new production of Naked Boys Singing starts here and they are having a one-show nude audience night as well and a bunch of us are going along in support. I will probably be in two arm slings at the time but I promise that’s all I’ll be wearing. Also coming up is a tour from an artist of the Museum of Contemporary Art in April. The artist will be nude and so will the tour participants, followed by drinks (nude) on one of the terraces of the Museum. Apparently it’s about letting down barriers and removing preconceived ideas. Should be a laugh.