I’m not sure if the Dieux Du Stade calendar and “making-of” DVD are as popular as they used to be but the DVD at least is a definite annual purchase for me. In my mind it’s because I want to see how the photographers set up the shots. In reality I barely acknowledge that there is a photographer involved. The 2012 calendar is the third time the very talented Francois Rousseau has lensed the production and done a stunning job of it.

I was watching the DVD yesterday and took note of my three favourite guys from the 2012 calendar. From the left we start with Sebastien Torresin, who along with Noah Cato on the far right typify the big strong naturally sculpted muscly deliciousness that I would love to curl up with. As a boyfriend of either of those gods how could you ever feel unsafe? A protector isn’t a requisite on the list of attributes for a husband for me, but you could curl up in their arms and feel so secure that you’d sleep soundly, once the shagging stopped. The guy in the middle is the smouldering sexiness that is Jonathan Pelissie. If you see the DVD, his arse is really something quite spectacular, along with the rest of him.