Last night I spent three hours at the Emergency room at the hospital after an incident at my aerial silks class. The trick we were doing was “an easy and safe one” according to my teacher but I managed to do something that resulted in a “pop” in both my biceps and a lot of pain. Somehow I managed to get myself unwrapped and down to the ground in absolute pain. I’ve just had ultrasounds on both arms and I’m very scared to say that the radiologist wouldn’t rule out surgery.

If I have surgery, how do I dress myself and wipe my own butt? Let alone work and drive! Both arms in slings means I could have to go stay with my parents for a while. Who knows. I’m trying to look on the bright side and take heart in the fact that I still have almost full movement including movements that online medical pages say I shouldn’t if I have indeed fully torn tendons from the elbow connecting the biceps.

Worst case scenario I may not be able to do silks anymore (I won’t give up easily on that) and I may have to push my exhibition back if I have to have surgery as I won’t be able to do the last shoots in time. This is all speculative of course. I’ll have to wait til I hear what the doctor says after he sees the ultrasounds.