This weekend I’m mostly seeing the world through the lens of my camera. I photographed a friend this morning, just for fun for both of us. This afternoon was one of two shoots for my exhibition this weekend and the next is tomorrow morning.

I’m always so grateful to models that I’ve never met, agreeing to work with me, nude and for free. Today I had a gorgeous Irishman in a friend’s backyard pool trying to capture the mood of Freedom for my exhibition. Sydney’s weather has been absolutely vile this summer. It’s been the coldest summer since the 50’s. We had some blazing sunshine this afternoon and I thought I’d gotten away with a beautiful afternoon to shoot, but no. There were storms rolling in fast, to the point that my car insurer even sent a text message about hail warnings in my area. Thankfully they didn’t eventuate but a lot of rain did.

I took a chance and picked the model up, driving in the rain to the location thinking we could do it another time if it didn’t ease up. Ease up the rain did and Jonathan graciously stripped off and swam and floated and glided through the water as directed with rain drops still falling. My camera got a little wet but not anything dangerous and with the mood of the rain and the even light it created I have too many choices of shots to choose from for the exhibition but that is a fantastic problem to have. The shot above isn’t even close to the best.