A blog reader sent me a lovely email last week that has inspired this post. His email basically said that I should stop worrying about finding Mr Right and enjoy being single because being single is a very valid relationship status.

Let me clarify from the outset that I have never suggested anything else. Some people feel more comfortable being single than they do in a relationship. Some people I know who are in relationships would actually be much better suited to being single. There are definite advantages to being single. You can do what you like when you like. There’s no negotiating sexual rules of a relationship, if you want to hook up with someone, you can. If you want to have a lazy night on the lounge eating rubbish, then you can.

For me, while being single seems to be my natural state, or my most common state historically speaking, it’s not what I prefer. I love the idea of sharing life’s little moments with someone special, getting to know someone’s sexual triggers, emotional triggers, knowing that if something is wrong that there is someone that chooses to be by your side through thick and thin.

The reader that sent the email mentioned that he was sick of being made to feel guilty for upsetting seating arrangements at dinner parties by not being in a couple. Thankfully my friends mostly only know me in a relationship and Sydney being what it is, there are lots of we single boys around so dinner parties usually have more than one single boy.