When I did my usual browsing through a list of blogs this morning I stumbled across this wonder of nature called Justin Zabinski at Ohlala and immediately set about google image searching him. Justin is only 22 but sets off a lot of my sexy appealing triggers.

I think a lot of it comes from that hair. I’m a firm believer that a there are very few men that can carry off long hair, but Justin does. Firstly it takes me back to my youth and seeing surfers down at the beach. Their tanned lean torsos glistening in the sunshine. Yes I was deeply closeted but I think somewhere inside I knew and I knew for a lot of the years I was seeing those surfers. The hair is also very reminiscent of Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire. Yes he was fully clothed in all of the movie but it was some of his sexiest work.

Justin also has the long lithe body of someone that does a lot of sport, let’s hope surfing and swimming, and not just lifting weights in the gym. It’s a body sculpted by use. A quick look at his Modelmayhem profile tells me he’s done lots of runway work and works all over the place but is based in Florida.