The day has is here.

Today is the day I go into surgery to repair my torn bicep tendons. I am due at the hospital at 2.30 this afternoon. I haven’t asked how long the surgery is but I know I’m only in overnight and it’s keyhole surgery. At least there won’t be any whopping great big scars on my arms. From tomorrow, when I get out of hospital I’ll have to stay with my.. Read More

SO much fun!

This video was shot in Moab Utah by a very adventurous bunch of people. I’m not sure who looked at an ancient rock arch way and thought “Let’s tie some ropes to that and run off the rock and swing from it” but whoever did is braver than me. However, once a few people had done it, I’d be well up for it. A little bit of wee might come.. Read More

Run boys run!

It seems that people around the world have twigged to the fact that the Roksilde Music Festival in Europe gets lots of publicity every year from it’s running race of nude festival-goers and the photos of them go around the world in about two seconds. Here in Australia a few weeks ago the Meredith Music Festival had their own nude race. These photos seem to feature the guys more than.. Read More

Rumours flying!

Today I heard a celebrity rumour that might clear a few things up. The rumour? That Chris Brown, famous for beating the hell out of Rihanna and refusing to accept that he has anger issues and problems taking any form of criticism, has allegedly been having a sexual relationship with another male R&B singer “Martyn”. A series of screen shots of twitter direct messages between the two has Chris talking.. Read More

Well he isn’t shy!

Gareth Thomas made headlines around the world a couple of years ago when he became one of a few openly gay professional athletes. It seems like Gareth, now retired is still on people’s minds as he’s just taken part in Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and was very popular. These photos show that either Gareth has trouble seeing a camera when it’s in the room or just doesn’t care,.. Read More

Sexy goes for a surf

David O’Mer, one of the stars of La Soiree, also known as Bath Boy put on one of the sexiest routines I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing when I finally got to see his Bath tub performance a month or so ago. It turns out that David, if you see his vimeo channel, is quite the adventurer. He’s part of a skydiving group and loves to surf. This is.. Read More

The French deliciousness

I’m not sure if the Dieux Du Stade calendar and “making-of” DVD are as popular as they used to be but the DVD at least is a definite annual purchase for me. In my mind it’s because I want to see how the photographers set up the shots. In reality I barely acknowledge that there is a photographer involved. The 2012 calendar is the third time the very talented Francois.. Read More

Under negotiation.

For a good long time now, many years, I’ve had an uneasy relationship with my body. For many years I hated how skinny it was and especially when I came back from London (far left) I was way too thin. There were advantages to being that thin, I got away with eating way too much rubbish, but that also let me to abuse the privilege. Even when I was really.. Read More

It’s a tough job

Last weekend I did lots of photo shoots and the first of them was my mate Jeff. It was just one of those shoots that we did “just because”. It wasn’t for the exhibition or for any particular project. I have known Jeff for a few years now but we’ve just never got around to doing a shoot for one reason or another. Last week we headed to an abandoned.. Read More

A bit of random German nudity.

Who knows what the thought behind putting this video together was but it’s certainly a bit of fun. They certainly have a decent production with lights and a few different cameras. Whoever the guy on the snowboard is, he had to do this jump several times and there’s a bit of danger in grinding on a rail in the nude. It’s called German Sausage and he certainly has a pretty.. Read More

What people think I do.

There is a new kind of Meme going around with variations of what people with certain lifestyles, careers or hobbies do and the perception of that from outside. Matthew Mitcham, our gold medal winning Olympic Diver posted one about diving that made me laugh. They are usually pretty spot on. Here are a few that apply to me. Click the image to see it larger.

Surgery it is.

Yesterday being Valentine’s day, combined with a whole bunch of stress about the state of my injured biceps gave me too much time to think. My flatmate and I had a discussion about how lonely it can feel sometimes even surrounded by good friends. It’s looking very much like I will have to have surgery to repair my the torn tendons in both my biceps and at this stage I.. Read More

Well that sucks

Last night I spent three hours at the Emergency room at the hospital after an incident at my aerial silks class. The trick we were doing was “an easy and safe one” according to my teacher but I managed to do something that resulted in a “pop” in both my biceps and a lot of pain. Somehow I managed to get myself unwrapped and down to the ground in absolute.. Read More

Congratulations Matthew!

Friday saw the close of the voting in the Favourite Place photography challenge here on Aussielicious. The winner, by a clear margin was Matthew with his shot of Coney Island NYC! Matthew’s winning photograph will now become the gift that the winner of the next challenge here on Aussielicious receives! Thanks to everyone who submitted some beautiful photos and thanks to everyone who voted. I’ll get thinking of a new.. Read More

What a shoot!

This weekend I’m mostly seeing the world through the lens of my camera. I photographed a friend this morning, just for fun for both of us. This afternoon was one of two shoots for my exhibition this weekend and the next is tomorrow morning. I’m always so grateful to models that I’ve never met, agreeing to work with me, nude and for free. Today I had a gorgeous Irishman in.. Read More