Now that I’ve started back at the new term of aerial silks classes as of last night, it’s time to start (finally) putting my new routine together. It’s been a long time in the planning this routine. The very talented Dan Murphy put together a custom mash-up for me to do the routine to. In the past I’ve noticed I perform better when I have a stronger costume and character to hide behind than if it’s essentially just me up there. It also helps to rehearse a bit.

So to go with the mashup of Freeek by George Michael and Erotica by Madonna, I’m putting together a bit of a fetish costume. Now I’m not usually into rubber, leather or “gear” fetish stuff, but through Sue over at Fairview I came across Slick It Up. So far I’ve got myself the Tactical Guard top which instantly does make you feel sexy. To go with it I think I’ll be getting myself some of the Sports Tights complete with the mesh arse in them.

Francois Sagat has used custom designed Slick It Up gear in his new porn directorial debut “Incubus” and it looks hot. The guy that runs Slick It Up is also uber hot and models some of the gear himself on their site. If you are into rubber/leather/mesh gear, go and have a look.