Cynthia Nixon has outraged a lot of the gay community by saying she thinks that she personally is gay by choice. I understand why people are pissed off with her because it undermines our argument against the religious right wing saying we can choose to be straight and go to heaven and please god blah blah blah.
In some ways, bare with me here, I do kind of agree with Cynthia. Not to the point where you can actually choose who you are attracted to. God knows if I could choose that I wouldn’t have wasted so many years being attracted to people way out of my league.

I would say that there is a certain amount of choice involved in accepting your own sexuality or denying it. It doesn’t strike me as a very healthy option to deny it and to live a lie, but some people make that choice. I, like millions of others made a choice, consciously or not, to accept that I am attracted to men and to live honestly and happily and guess what? I like that choice. I totally agree with Cynthia’s comments that “For me, it is a choice… you don’t get to define my gayness for me.” It’s another case of the LGBT world being very judgemental of each other when we really should be standing together.

Maybe Cynthia’s choice is to use the word Gay to describe herself instead of Bisexual. She’s been married to a man, has children with her ex husband and now has a child with her fiance. Who knows? She’s certainly opened up a can of worms with her statements.