As a photographer that likes and is more comfortable shooting people than landscapes or architecture, it’s only natural that I have dreams and aspirations to photograph celebrities one day. Whether that is for editorial, fashion or purely artistic endeavours, I don’t mind but I’m slowly compiling a wish list.

It’s no surprise to anyone reading this that I would love to shoot Ms Minogue. I have ideas already to go for Kylie, and have done for years. If you are reading this Kylie, please feel free to contact me. Oh who am I kidding. I’ll have to stalk her into submission.

The others on my list so far, as above, are Megan Gale because I think she is absolutely stunning and represents a healthy athletic glamazon woman with exquisite features. I’ve seen her look quite different in a range of shoot and I think she’d be amazing to work with. Didier Cohen, former face of Industrie Clothing and now developing a name for himself in tv and radio. I’m not normally into tattoos but there is something so very sexy about Didier. Ryan Kwanten, the bad boy heart breaker from True Blood, down to earth aussie and by all reports, lovely guy is on the list for all those reasons and because I would just love to shoot him.