Should we tolerate it?

This post is a follow up to a recent post about some dodgy nude behaviour on a Perth nudist beach and at a Bali gay resort. The man who told me the story tried to post a comment on the post but it wouldn’t work, so I said I would post it as a post in it’s own right.

I am the person Brenton wrote about who had the Perth incident.

It’s really comforting to read that everyone shares Brenton’s view on the two situations he wrote about. I was actually troubled by the question of whether or not this is becoming the ‘new accepted normality’.

I have questioned whether or not to report it and have decided not to because:

1: I was not penetrated or physically forced into an act I was unable to stop. After a few seconds of delayed shock reaction, I pushed him away and stopped the act. It was a blow job – sure, an extremely unwelcome one – but still, just a blow job.

2: Because in my head it was not a violent or extreme personal violation, I fear reporting it to the police may lead to compromising of the nude beach in Perth. I would hate us to lose it due to police or even media attention over something that in my eyes lies very low on the sexual offences list.

I love going to the nude beach and will continue to do so. I go there because I feel very comfortable with my nudity and do not go there for sexual gratification. I very much enjoy it when polite, decent strangers feel comfortable enough to come over and chat with me naked without any sexual contact. Sure, they may be sussing out if I’d like to do something, but being comfortable enough to come and talk without expecting something is a very cool thing in my book.

Trust me, if the incident was more severe, I’d be reporting it. But I’m old enough and mature enough to write this off in my head as an unpleasant isolated experience that will not cause me long term problems.

If you’re on the nude beach in Perth and you see a skinny white guy listening to his iPod, feel free to come and say hi. I’ll still be going! :)

Another blog reader commented on the facebook feed of this post.Wow! I must admit I think the same guy has harassed me down at the same beach before. Last I saw of him though some detectives had followed him down to the beach & I haven’t seen him since. Thank God! It’s people like him that give us all a bad name.”

5 Responses to “Should we tolerate it?”

  1. 1 Sue

    It was interesting for me to read about all of this going on, since my husband was come on to in the sauna of our local YMCA some years ago now. [] I told him about this and he felt like a trendsetter. LOL! But it is not happy news for anyone, unfortunately. I don’t know the answer, but these guys need to get a grip, before they ruin it for everyone!

  2. 2 Guy

    My local nude beach has come under police scrutiny after an out of town swinging couple arranged a meet there last year, I believe the ‘action’ started in the carpark. Resulting bad press has led to diminished numbers and frequent Police visits, it only takes a few to spoil things for many others :-(

  3. 3 Passing thru...

    It’s a personal decision for the person concerned of course, but you have to wonder if, in the same circumstances, a woman who opened her eyes on a nude beach to find a strange man with his face buried in her crotch would have dismissed it as “just cunnilingus”.

  4. 4 Nat

    Only a blowjob? It may seem fairly minor to you, but what if this guy attemtps the same thing on someone more innocent? It could have upset someone much more than it did you. I’m not familiar with the beach in question but are there not regulars who as a group could approach this guy and let it be known that next time there will be a call to the police? Or was it a one off and this guy is gone? I know at my nude beach where one of the gay sections is more remote there are still regulars who definitely want everyone to feel comfortable and would not tolerate aggressive unwanted behaviour.

    I know if it were me getting THAT kind of attention I would be very, very angry and feel assaulted.

  5. 5 Alex

    That’s actually kinda scary. I’m glad everything was handled well, if it was someone else the offender could have been attacked or worse. Then again I’ve seen worse action on general public beaches.

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