It seems that as a community we often wonder why we have a bad reputation for promiscuous and over the top behaviour. Some of that reputation may well be justified.

A friend was telling me he was at the nude beach in Perth the other day and putting sunscreen on his face, eyes closed, when he felt someone touching him, looked down and a gentleman was sucking him off, right there on the beach, not in the dunes, no eye contact signals, no welcomed approach, just gulped him down. When my friend shoved him off and told him to get lost, the “gentleman” told him it wasn’t his fault my friend was uptight.

Uptight? Seriously? That is downright blatant sexual assault. How on earth is my friend being uptight?

Two other friends, a couple, have just had a holiday in Asia and at one point stayed at a clothing optional gay resort. One night the two of them were in their villa, nude, just chatting and relaxing when in walks the owner of the resort. No knock on the door and no “do you mind if I come in?” He proceeded to stay and make conversation for 45 minutes, my friends too polite and stunned to ask him to leave.

Are we so focused on getting our rocks off that basic courtesy, or even law, doesn’t come into the equation just because opportunity gave a knock? It’s a select few trouble makers, as in any demographic, that earn a bad reputation and undo all the progress we’ve been making.